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Simply because we understand the importance of building a network of added values. We have established a wide nexus of investors, corporate clients, decision makers and professional advisers.


No one knows everything.

This is a powerful statement to make on one's website, but admitting this is the key to finding solutions.

Our professional network allows us to compound our experience and constantly renew our thinking.


No one knows everyone.

We start by maintaining an extensive list of potential investors (and some important decision makers). This list is long and very important to us, as it is based on 'Live' connections with family offices, institutions, High Networth Individuals, and Industry leaders worldwide; people who recognize Chescor Capital as a worthy counterpart from previous dealings and introductions.

No one can be everywhere.

That is why we have established working partnerships with like-minded professionals and institutions in the USA, UK, France, South Korea, India and Singapore. 

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