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'Our reputation is our livelihood and we will maintain it at any cost. We will continue to be known for our honesty, professionalism and delivery.' 

Nasri Tehini - CEO

Amin right pic.jpg
Dr Amin Badr El Din

Dr Amin supports Chescor Capital with an unparalleled access to a network of global businesses and their leaders. He is an expert in international affairs and a leading economic, defense and energy strategist. 

Nasri Tehini

Nasri has lead Chescor Capital in the Middle East since 1999 and established our professional reputation in the region. He developed his entrepreneurial spirit across three continents and many industries.

Alan Moore
Strategy Advisory
AQ Recent.jpg
Abdul Qayium Hafiz
Corporate Finance Advisory

Alan's analytical skills and deep understanding of corporate affairs comes from a long experience with international consulting firms. Many of our clients, however, noted the practicality of his advice and the resulting added value.

Abdul Qayium is a seasoned and solid advisor with practical experience in investment banking and private equity in the GCC. A powerful combination of talents favoured by our clients.

Bachir Boustani
Oil & Gas Senior

With over 30 years of experience in upstream O&G, Bachir has developed a deep understanding of the industry and maintains contacts with governments and institutions in the MENA and USA. 

Khaled Badr El Din
Escondido Partner

Khaled has developed valuable proprietary access to technology start-ups in Silicon Valley that invite him to participate in early stages and to help propel their management. He brings that access to Chescor Capital and our clients.

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